Is Zumba® fitness effective to manage overweight without dietary intervention?

Emilia Vassilopoulou, Georgia Piperari, Christoforos Christoforou


Arab Journal of Nutrition and Exercise, Vol. 1, No. 3

Published on 24th December 2016


Background: Zumba® Fitness is a popular aerobic exercise and sometimes due to its high-intensity is considered sufficient for weight management,, from both trainers and trainees,, regardless of the type of diet followed. Its effectiveness in weight and body fat loss,, with or without dietary intervention has been slightly studied.

Subjects and Methods: In the current randomized controlled trial,, thirty two healthy adult overweight women who attended exclusively Zumba® fitness for three times per week,, were randomly divided into 3 subgroups and received parallel dietary advice for two months: Group A did not receive dietary intervention (control group),. Group B received general healthy eating guidelines based on the Mediterranean pyramid and the food plate model and Group C individualized diet plan according anthropometric characteristics,, lifestyle,, and dietary habits. A Food Frequency Questionnaire used at baseline to assess dietary habits before the study,, and three 24-hour recalls evaluated compliance upon dietary intervention.

Results: Significant reductions in body weight,, fat,, hip and waist circumference revealed in Group C, and in body fat of Group B.

Conclusions: Zumba® fitness is enjoyable and could be used to enhance weight loss with appropriate dietary individualized advice in overweight subjects. In parallel,. it could be effective when combined with healthy eating guidance for improving fat loss and general well being.


Zumba® Fitness,; body composition,; diet,; overweight,; diet education

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